Images of Parkside, a place sadly no longer standing.

Parkside gallery:

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  1. steve brady says:

    so many great memories, i,ll swear im one of them kids on the touchline on the 1st picture, i remember the player crashing in to us! I loved Parkside but it was heartbreaking the final few years how it was run into the ground.

  2. garry preece says:

    Lovely to see a pic of ”Moose” {A.Preece} last pic greeting fans.I have lots of pics but never seen this one before….Thankyou.

  3. robin g says:

    Rare and absolutely superb local history. Despite the demise of industry and population decrease Hunslet rl should not have suffered so quickly. Poor control.

  4. Brilliant photographs. They brought back lots of memories, the best remembered being dropping a pass in the bottom left hand corner when playing in a Leeds Sunday Cup Final. It was a terrible pass but if I had caught it I would have scored and possibly won the game.

  5. Stuart says:

    Thanks for so may memories, I worked there in the last season as a programme seller, it was a crying shame to see the club did the way it did. Best memory, Geoff Gunney and the others throwing in the bath [fully clothed] after their final training session there.

  6. Amongst my other Parkside memories is one of standing on the terrace at Mother Benson’s end watching John Holmes, at 16, make his debut for Leeds in the Lazenby Cup. As I recall the Lazenby Cup was a big event and usually attracted a decent crowd. I am not sure how many people watched John Holmes debut.

  7. Ian Thornley says:

    What a great website this is. The old photos of Parkside are gems. I’m from Wigan but I never got to visit Parkside prior to it being demolished so I was always interested to see what it looked like. I now know thanks to this website. My late father played for Huddersfield in the 50’s and early 60’s and he told me there was a house on the ground! He must have been referring to Mother Bensons!
    Many, many thanks to the people who published the photographs for everyone to look at. Cheers.

  8. Michael says:

    Marvellous photos. Is the old ground marked at all on the industrial estate which now covers it? Is there a plaque?

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